About Us

NuBae was established in 2017 by Abdulatif Abdulrahman fashion connoisseur and lover of all things art. The word “Nubae” derives from the Word Nubian whom are a tribe of Eastern and Northern Africa who reside along the Nile River. This region, also known as the Gateway of Africa, is the source of countless luxury products such as gold, incense, ebony rushed through Egypt and out to the Mediterranean where it is exported around the world. Historically, the Nubian population was a diverse mix of  different African tribes. This diversity inspired Nubae with a simple idea: Introduce creativity to the world and make an imprint on people’s lives by allowing them to connect and inspire the next generation of the youth to be bold in pursuing a greater purpose. Nubae isn’t just a brand. It’s a movement. Join the movement to unify people. Join us and build an environment of collaboration.